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Four tracks together make up this short
duration of astro metal, using as a basis theposition by sign of three planets: Mercury inGemini, Venus in Scorpio and Pluto inCapricorn; which at the same time is a reference to card number 16 of the major arcana of the Tarot, The Tower.

YOD includes four tracks inspired by
astrology, with a sound that is closer to
gothic metal, a perfect style for the voice ofJ.P. Krom, which is reminiscent of the great Pete Steele, the late Type O Negative.

In the instrumental, YOD has a strong predominance in keyboards that range from electronic to symphonic, accompanied by heavy guitars reminiscent of great exponents of the genre such as Nightwish and Within Temptation.

The name of the EP arises from an astrological concept that represents the themes addressed in the songs: Mercury in Gemini (“From my Hands”), Venus in Scorpio (Poison Girl, which is the single from the EP) and the last two tracks, which tell us about Pluto in Capricorn (“Rondó Alla Torre” and “Tower of Destruction”) which, at the same time, are
related to the 16th card of the Tarot: The Tower.

YOD’s basses (performed by Reynaldo Catalán) and vocals were recorded by J.P. KROM, the keyboards by Braulio Morales and the drums (performed by Rodrigo Leiva) by Erick Martínez at Orange Studios, who also did the mixing.

Meanwhile, the YOD cover was in charge of the Chilean artist Rodolfo, who explores the themes that give life to the songs that make up the EP.
YOD’s vocals and basses were recorded by J.P. KROM, the keyboards by Braulio Morales and the guitars and drums by Erick Martínez at Orange Studios. The mixing and mastering was in charge of the latter as well.