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tower of illusion live

«Tower Of Illusion Live» is the live recording of the opening act for Moonspell’s show in April 2023 in Santiago, Chile (where the Portuguese band was on their 30th-anniversary tour) at Club Chocolate. Each track of the EP is accompanied by a live video of the same performance, all of which are already available on YouTube. The songs on this EP are part of the artist’s three studio productions: The Inner Gods (2017), YOD (2021), and Astrometal (2023).

In J.P.’s own words: «This recording will immerse you in a powerful astral journey full of Astrometal.» The production of this EP was carried out by J.P. Krom, Braulio Morales, and Reynaldo Catalán.



The recording and audio control were done  by Roberto Marti, and it was mixed and mastered by Erick Martínez. Meanwhile,      the audiovisual recording and editing were handled by Héctor Gajardo Kusma and Fernando Naranjo, and the EP cover was done by José Canales.

J.P. Krom is an author, composer, singer, guitarist, and part of the gothic metal artistic movement in Chile. His music is a blend of astrological/esoteric metaphors mixed with metal sounds.

The band on this EP consists of: J.P. Krom (vocals and guitar), Reynaldo Catalán (bass), Braulio Morales (keyboards), KAGNO (guitar), and Guillermo Pereira (drums).