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Six intense, deep and powerful tracks
conform this new album, an obvious
evolution from YOD, affirming the gothic
metal style that suits better for J.P. in
“smoke voice”. Including the first song
composed in spanish (J.P.’s native
language) , “LUNA PLUTÓN”, to bring
closer spanish-speaking audience, it’s
the first single of the EP, with its own
videoclip and cover. The next songs are
“Woman Hermit” (dedicated to a Tarot’s
card) and “I Tried” (for Venus & Saturn),
with classical sounds of gothic metal -a
consolidated style for J.P.- And “Breaking the Walls”, -a epic symphonic
song-, with an arrangement from
the middle part., that takes us to the past through ancient times. 

“You & I” is a
love song, a declaration from a father to his son, where synths take
protagonism and with a J.P. singing with the lowest possibilities of his range;
reminding us again the great front man Peter Steele. From a love song, we
pass to a no-love song: the experimental-electronic track “I Don’t Feel Love”.
A sad and introspective tune that rules the song, combining a spoken low
range from J.P., in contrast with the “harmonic” chorus of the song.